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new [2005-12-27] SN-WEBCAM Release 0.8.0 is now available for download with many enhancements.
It supports both native video pixel format over USB: Sequential RGB Bayer and Huffman compressed, high refresh rate, grabs, timestamps (optionally), many controls (like exposure, contrast, ...), some minor bugfix and many code cleanups.

1. Aim

The aim of this project is to develop a light and easy to use GNU/Linux free software based on sn9c102-webcam grabber and its successive sn9c102-webcam-lk. This v4l2 program displays and saves (jpg) images, grabbed from sn9c10*-based Sonix/Microdia webcams, and also periodically upload them by FTP. Many options can be simply changed by a configuration file.

sn-webcam is worldwide used from many users and last releases can be considered quite stable.

2. Main Developers

3. Dependencies

To run this software is required sn9c10x driver and following libraries:

4. Download

new The current release of this program is : sn-webcam-0.8.0.tar.gz (source code)
GUI release (alfa) from Tony Slater: sn-webcam-GUI-alfa

Old releases can be reached:

5. ChangeLog

Changes: + new, - removed, * cleanup, @ bugfix

v0.8.0 (27 december 2005):
  + support to grab photos
  + supported either native pixel format over USB:
    Sequential RGB Bayer and Huffman compressed
  + Huffman compressed allows very high frame rates
  + improved controls (contrast, brighness, exposure)
  + variable window refresh delay
  + reset camera to default factory settings
  + timestamp feature
  + improved compilation with optional SDL_TTF
  + sgml documentation
  @ use correct x, y variables in interface_capture()
    thanks to Luca Fini for his bug report
  @ add some lacking free()
  @ control keys remapped (more ergonomic)
  * moving webcam.conf in sn-webcam.conf
  * saving into ./grab dir
  * saving jpeg directly whithout GUI

More information in the full ChangeLog

Changelog of sn-webcam-gui-alfa: ChangeLog

6. License

sn-webcam is "free" software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

7. Thanks

8. Links

9. Screenshot

Your can visit a demo page.
Other demo pages are wellcomed, suggest to us the url of your demo page.


sn-webcam 0.7.1



10. CVS

You can see activity on CVS web or read the CVS Help.
To download the developing release using CVS:
cvs -z3 co -P sn-webcam

11. Contacts

Suggestions, bugreports, help requests, patches and new coders are welcomed.


You can contact us by means of mailing list at :
You may have documentation on how mailing list works.

IRC channel: sn-webcam at freenode network

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